About Vihara

Vihara is an innovation and impact network working in global health. We use contextual inquiry, behavioral insights, and human-centered design to improve the way health services are conceptualized and delivered.

Established in 2002, (as Centre for Knowledge Societies) we have worked on global health challenges across Africa, South East Asia, and Eastern Asia.

Our team has experience and expertise in the following areas of work:

The Future of Frontline Care (MNCH)

New Approaches to Family Planning (FP-SRH)

Digital Strategies for Adolescent Health

Gender as a Factor in Family Health

Smarter Approaches to Reducing Tuberculosis (TB)

Socio-Cultural Factors in Mental Health and Wellbeing


Some of the adjacent themes we engage with are Nutrition and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). In the past year, our work has focused on the evolving Covid - 19 crisis and its impact on our existing focus areas.


Our Team

Blair Sachs Hanewall.jpeg

Blair Sachs Hanewall


Shiv Kumar.jpeg

Shiv Kumar


Ramesh Sreedharan.jpg

Ramesh Sreedharan


Rama Kannan_2.jpeg

Rama Kannan


Divya Datta

Senior Consultant,

Family Health & Tuberculosis

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Raikamal Roy.jpg

Raikamal Roy

Lead, Gender and Health

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divya b.jpg

Divya Bhardwaj

Senior Consultant,

Mental Health, Gender and Social Acceleration

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Pratyusha Barua.JPG

Pratyusha Barua

Manager, Gender & Health

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Kapil Vachhar

Senior Consultant,

Family Planning and Sexual Reproductive Health

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Madhu Priyanka Kannabiran

Lead, Tuberculosis

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Radhika K.jpg

Radhika Kannan

Lead, Mental Health


Ameya Chaturvedi

Manager, Mental Health

Sarah Tanishka Nethan_HD.jpg

Sarah Tanishka Nethan

Lead, Family Planning

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Pradhan Thandra.jpg

Pradhan Thandra

Manager, Visual Design

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Ranjani Tavargeri

Associate, Visual Design

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Ruby K.jpg

Ruby Khan

People & Process Manager

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Namita Mohandas-4.jpg

Namita Mohandas

Senior Consultant, Digital Health

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Srividya Venkataraman

Manager, Tuberculosis

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Monisha IMG.jpg

Monisha Bhatnagar

Lead, Family Health

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Aaron Jacob Alex

Marketing Associate

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Aditya Dev Sood

Founder & CEO

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Aditya Brahmabhatt

Director - People & Process

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Yogesh Sir.jpeg

Yogesh Joshi

Manager Business & Finance

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Manika Rana.jpg

Manika Rana
Lead - Partnerships

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Kishan Kumar.jpg

Kishan Jha
Research Associate

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Amit  Sir.jpg

Amit Srivastava

Accounts Officer

Jai picture_1.jpg

Jai Prakash Sahoo

Admin Officer

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