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Emerging Economy Report

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The Emerging Economy Report (2008) describes seven countries from around the world – India, China, Indonesia, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt and Brazil. These seven countries collectively comprise 46% of the world’s population. More over they are indicative of other countries immediately adjacent to them.


The Report also describes high level societal changes underway across these seven countries and in countries similar to them. These societal changes are mapped to consumer trends, in order to discover the business consequences of each.


The Report provides essential tools to understand consumer segments across these world regions. It also provides rich qualitative descriptions of particular subjects from selected segments.


Secondly, the Report offers the first comparative documentation of visual and material culture from each of these world regions. This is precisely the kind of data that designers and strategists need, in order to create new products and services for these underserved consumers.


Finally, the Emerging Economy Report identifies 13 key opportunity themes, that can serve as the basis for the generation of new product and service solutions for these markets.


Download the nine part report below.

Report Introduction

Emerging Economy Explanatory Model

Country Profiles

Consumer Segmentation

User Profiles

Visual Culture

Societal Trends

Innovation Opportunity Themes

Strategic Forecasts

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