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Special Report

34 Ways to Save Lives

34 Ways to Save Lives in Rural India presents the outcomes of a rural healthcare innovation project, Innovation for Improved Maternal and Child Healthcare (IIMCH) undertaken by Vihara Innovation Network, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and in partnership with the Government of Bihar.


IIMCH focused on developing and detailing out potential design solutions to address key challenges identified through its antecedent, the Vaccine Delivery Innovation Initiative (VDII). The main objective was to facilitate innovation in the delivery of maternal and child healthcare services in Bihar and other rural parts of India through design solutions that not only address challenges in the vaccine delivery mechanism, but also cater to related services within the broader ecology of maternal and child healthcare.


A broad array of design solutions have emerged, which are presented here against five meta categories:

Managing Health Information

Enhancing Service Delivery Infrastructure

Improving Medical Equipment

Strengthening the Healthcare System

Transforming Community Perceptions


Presented along with the contextual insights and value-impact discussions, each design solution additionally explores the scope for further development and potential path to realization. The objective, thus, is not merely to define design opportunities, but also to identify the course of action required to facilitate actualization of these solutions.


Download the report here.


Vihara Innovation Network with support from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation



TATA, Pune


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